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Terry Parker - Sales Engineer and President

Work background includes 4 years product design and marketing for Schlumberger Technologies Corporation. 4 years factory and field application engineering for Fairchild Semiconductor. Direct sales for 3 years at National Semiconductor. Regional Sales Manager for 3 years at Comlinear Corporation. Joined First Alliance in 1994.

Education: BSEE Colorado State University in Engineering Physics & Math in 1980

MBA University of Colorado in 1991 (Marketing concentration)

Bill Henderson - Sales Engineer

Work background includes 4 years as a Field Engineer for Schlumberger Technologies. 10 years at Comlinear Corporation as Product Marketing Engineer and Distribution Sales Manager. 2 years at Woodward Governor in Sales Channel Development. Joined First Alliance in 1995.

Education: BSEE Kansas State University in - 1972

Mike Cronin - Sales Engineer

Work background includes 5 years design and design management with Hughes Aircraft Company. 2 years as Marketing and Sales Director for Vari-L Corporation. 4 years as Regional and Area Sales Manager for Comlinear Corporation. 2 years Area Sales Manager for National Semiconductor High Speed Analog Division. Joined First Alliance July 1, 1996.

Education: BSEE California State University at Fresno in 1983

Jon Parker Sales Engineer

Work background includes 2 years electronic CRT design with Sperry Univac, 2 years video router design with Utah Scientific, 4 years ASIC design and engineering management with Evans and Sutherland. Has worked 11 years sales and marketing of semiconductor products for VLSI, AMI and Mitsubishi in Utah market place. Joined First Alliance January 1999

Education: BSEE Computer Engineering Westminster College in 1980


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