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RF Products:

  1. GSM, AMPs, GPS, PHS, PCS frequency ranges
  2. FET/HEMT/GaAs power amplifiers, SAW filters, GaAs SPDT switches
  3. BNC, SMA, Type N, TNC, UHF, Type F,G, MCX, MMCX connectors
  4. RF LDMOS power transistors.
  5. Transceiver ICs, LNAs, quad modulators, mixers, transmitter ICs, attenuators, directional couplers, power dividers, RF transformers, pin diodes, Schottky & varactor diodes, power transistors, synthesizers, & microwave mixers.

Analog, Digital and Mixed Signal Processing Products:

Imaging/Graphics, Display and Video Products:

  1. LCD and CRT color and grayscale graphic controllers, LCD integrated character controller and drivers, LCD segment drivers and LCD power supply ICs.
  2. CMOS imagers, video scalars, MPEG encode/decode.

Memory, uContoller, Logic and ASIC Products:

  1. EEPROMs, NAND and NOR FLASH memory
  2. 4, 8, 16, & 32 bit microcontrollers. RISC and CISC architectures with embedded FLASH, low pin count and large peripheral functionality, 80C51/32 and ARM architectures, embedded LCD controllers, very low power.
    1. Standard logic families 4000, HC/T, AC/T, VHC/T, VCX, LVQ, LCX products.
    2. Gate Array, Standard Cell, and Embedded Array in .35um to .18um processes; fast low cost FPGA conversions, and large portfolio of macros and IP for integration.
    3. IEEE1394 bridge controllers, USB OTG and transceivers.

Linear Products:

  1. Low cost Bipolar and CMOS linear ICs: op amps, comparators, regulators, audio, video, communications, power management, and special function ICs, transistors.
  2. Stepper motor controller/driver ICs, Power MOSFETs, IGBTs, PWM controllers.
  3. Crystal timing products; 32KHz clock crystals, high frequency crystals and oscillators, very low jitter/high frequency oscillators, Real Time Clocks, programmable oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs and high stability oscillators.
  4. MLCC uF to pF capacitors, Film capacitors, Thermistors, Varistors, surge arrestors and ferrites.
  5. Standard and custom magnetic components; transformers, inductors and chokes.

Mechanical Products:

  1. RF Connectors (SMA, MMCX, N, T), Gbe Connectors (HSSDC, Fiber, Infiniband), RF Couplers and attenuators.
  2. Advanced Datacom Cables (Infiniband, Gbe Skewclear, RF sucoflex and coaxial)


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Last modified: 04/12/06